Services Offered

Land Management Services:

§  Management Plans

§  Forest Inventory

§  Reforestation

§  Timber Type Maps

§  Herbicide Applications

§  Fertilization Applications

§  Controlled Burning

§  Coordination of Government Assistance Programs

§  Data Management

§  Cost and Income Analysis

Herbicide Applications:

Our teams are Herbicide specialists in all Forestry applications, offering not only herbicide advice and prescriptions but also turn key application services.

CLM is a leader in the industry of agriculture and forestry crop protection and enhancement products in the USA.

CLM is committed to offering our customers the highest quality products, specialized services, and unique solutions tailored to meet their land/vegetation management needs.

Our commitment to our customers is beyond offering just product solutions. At CLM, we strive to offer services and programs that provide value to our customers’ business in conjunction with their needs for land/vegetation management. The following land/vegetation management services are available to all of our customers:

§  Invasive Species Control & Containment Plans

§  GIS & Spatial Data Collection

§  Natural Resource Project Management

§  Developing Bid Specifications

§  Land/Vegetation Management Plans

§  Treatment and Product Performance Guarantee

§  Precision Aerial Application System

§  Application Turnkey Services

§  Post-Application Audit Services

§  Returnable/refillable containers – Contract Mix & tracking programs

§  Nutritional Programs

§  Product Education and Field Consultation

§  Safety Training and Recertification

Land/Timber Appraisal Services Provided:

§  Complete Timber Appraisals

Commercial & Industrial Site Preparation/Land Excavation

§   Earthwork

§   Commercial and Industrial Site Development